Poem for Adam

For my brother 

Who’s heart was kind,

A mischief and an active mind,

I always felt so proud of you, 

all throughout our lives, 

You’ve gone away so suddenly,

We couldn’t say goodbye.


And had I known it would end like this,

My loving brother and my friend,

I would have said this long ago,

My ‘List Too Late’ from one to ten…


One, let me say that I love you.

Two, let me say I’m sorry

Three, let me say I wish I was there

Four, let me show you I’m crying

Five, let me pretend this was all a surprise

Six, let me aplogize

Seven, For all of the things I couldn’t fix

Eight, It was an honour to watch you exist

Nine is goodbye.  My cherished memories of you.

Ten, is you live on in my heart, and all that I do.


I’ll miss you forever brother.

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Coke Machine Glow - Gord Downie

Here we are on the highway.

Here we are on the road.

Here we are in the parking lot's pink Coke machine glow.

Here we are in the bedroom.

Here we are in the bed.

Here we are beside each other 

after everything

we've said.


-Gord Downie

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You know, I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with 'em later. 

-Mitch Hedberg

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Hummer-Smashing Pumpkins


Faith lies in
The ways of sin
I chased the charmed
But I don't want them anymore 

And in their eyes I was alive
A fool's disguise
Take me away from you

Shame my tongue
Fat with promise all along
But when I woke up from that sleep
I was happier than I'd ever been

When you decide
That your life is a prize
Renew and rivive
It's alright honey
It's alright, yeah

Happiness will make you wonder
Will I feel OK?
It scares the disenchanted
Far away

Yeah I want something new
But what am I supposed to do about you
Yeah I love you, it's true

Life's a bummer
When you're a hummer
Life's a drag

Ask yourself a question
Anyone but me
I ain't free

Ask yourself a question
Anyone but me
I ain't free

Do you feel
Love is real?
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Mark Twain

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

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