Poem for Adam

For my brother 

Who’s heart was kind,

A mischief and an active mind,

I always felt so proud of you, 

all throughout our lives, 

You’ve gone away so suddenly,

We couldn’t say goodbye.


And had I known it would end like this,

My loving brother and my friend,

I would have said this long ago,

My ‘List Too Late’ from one to ten…


One, let me say that I love you.

Two, let me say I’m sorry

Three, let me say I wish I was there

Four, let me show you I’m crying

Five, let me pretend this was all a surprise

Six, let me aplogize

Seven, For all of the things I couldn’t fix

Eight, It was an honour to watch you exist

Nine is goodbye.  My cherished memories of you.

Ten, is you live on in my heart, and all that I do.


I’ll miss you forever brother.

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