Welcome to The Microphone!  This site was created for one very simple reason: to give anyone and everyone a voice. We wanted to create a platform for young people to step up, and speak out.  Everyone deserves a chance to feel safe to express their feelings, fears, and problems.  As a community, we need to be able to share our inspiration, our music, our successes and failures, helpful words,  and to be a part of each other's journeys.  We want to be able to listen, and we want to be able to help.  At times, we all need a place to feel connected and to feel safe enough to let down our defences and try to make ourselves, and the world around us, better.  Our hope is that The Microphone will become much more than any other social network, and that together we can offer each other the support we need to make it through another day, because sometimes, when everything around you seems like it's falling apart, it's actually just falling into place.

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