How To Get Free Stuff By Using The Microphone

How To Get Free Stuff By Using The Microphone

Every month The Microphone and its sponsors give away a prize to the most active user for the month.  On your profile page you will notice silver buttons in the upper left side of your cover picture. The more points you gather, the more buttons will show.


The points break down as follows:

Share Your Story: 20 POINTS

Post a new blog entry in the “Share Your Story” tab and say anything.


Add A Helpful Service: 20

In the “Find Helpful Services” tab, there is an “ADD A SERVICE WE’VE MISSED” button. Fill out this form with a service that is not yet listed.


Change Profile Picture: 10 POINTS


Photo Uploaded: 10 POINTS


Profile Updated: 5 POINTS


Friend Request Is Approved: 5 POINTS


New Group Created: 5 POINTS        


Join A Group: 5 POINTS


Reply To A Private Message: 5 POINTS


Send A New Private Message: 5 POINTS


Add A Video: 5 POINTS


Create A New Event: 5 POINTS


Like A Photo: 5 POINTS


Like An Album: 5 POINTS


Like A Profile: 5 POINTS


Like A Profile Status: 5 POINTS


Like A Group: 5 POINTS


Like A Group Discussion: 5 POINTS


Comment On A Video: 5 POINTS


Comment On A Photo: 4 POINTS


Attend An Event: 4 POINTS


New Photo Album Created: 3 POINTS


Post On Your Timeline: 2 POINTS


Update Your Status: 2 POINTS


Create A New Group Discussion: 2 POINTS           


Post A Group Comment: 2 POINTS


Reply In A Group's Discussion: 2 POINTS


Change A Group Avatar: 2 POINTS   


Post On An Event’s Wall: 2 POINTS


Change Group Cover: 2 POINTS


Change Event Cover: 2 POINTS


Group Information Updated: 1 POINT


Like A Video: 1 POINT


Change Profile Cover Picture: 1 POINT


Comment On An Album: 1 POINT


Like Event: 1 POINT


User Leaves The Group: -1 POINT


Remove A Video: -1 POINT      


Unlike A Photo: -1 POINT


Unlike An Album: -1 POINTS


Unlike Video: -1 POINTS


Unlike A Group: -1 POINTS


Unlike An Event: -1 POINTS


Unlike Profile: -1 POINTS


Unlike Profile Status: -1 POINTS


Remove Blog Entry: -2 POINTS


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This Month's Winner Is...

This Month's Winner Is...

Congratulations to this months winner of our Most Active User Award. Redlocks was outstanding in the contributions he made to The Microphone, and will now get to enjoy two premium LUX Movie passes at Hoyts. At select HOYTS locations, each seat features a powered recliner and boasts extra leg room, wider seating and extra comfort, so you can sit back, relax and recline while enjoying the latest blockbusters. The addition of the HOYTS recliner is a huge leap forward in cinema seating, created for ultimate comfort and quality. It’s all about finding new ways for you to Experience More with HOYTS. Enjoy mate.

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Prizes From Our Sponsors

Prizes From Our Sponsors

Here are some of the monthly prizes from our generous sponsors. These are our gracious sponsors that will be rewarding the overall winners of our User Activity Award with an amazing prize personal to them. Want to know specifically what the prizes are? See our prize list for each month and then head on in to their respective websites or social media and, let them know we appreciate their support and give them a high five! 

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